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It is the goal of American Rescue Concepts (ARC) LLC. to provide our clients the highest quality education, hands-on training, and services in the rescue industry. ARC specializes in permit required confined spaces and rope access. ARC teaches to OSHA, EPA, NIOSH and NFPA standards. Our instructors are the finest, most experienced in the rescue industry. ARC has developed a national cadre of instructors that have dedicated their professional lives to rescue, safety and education. Every ARC instructor actually practices the discipline that they teach and comes from a career in rescue and or hazardous materials services.

Confined Spaces Rescue Training

Confined Space Rescue Training

ARC can provide your organization three levels of confined space training: Awareness, Operational, and Technician. 

Confined Spaces  Stand-by

Confined Space

ARC will provide OSHA compliant confined space entries in construction and industry to perform work or rescue. 

Trench and Excavation Safety/Rescue

Rope Access

ARC provides training and certification in rope rescue, including artificial high directionals, and off sets used in industry.

ARC Affiliates

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